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Monday, July 7, 2008

People of color

It doesn't take a color wheel to see that "pink" is just a lighter shade of "red."

Nevertheless, it is red and getting redder with each demonstration. The apparent goal of these people is to disrupt and create a chaos in which their Marxist philosophy can flower.

If they stand for anything else, I certainly can't tell it.

Somewhat more difficult to discern - but not impossible - is how close "green" is to "red."

Everything the green establishment does, every cause they support, seems to have an ultimate goal of destroying the American economy, bringing down free enterprise and creating a Socialist/Marxist state and economy.

As with so many such movements, they seldom march under their true colors. By using other "causes" to disguise their true intentions, they encourage the well-intended, but naive, to join them and give weight to their efforts.

Let's all ask the question of any of these groups, "What do you really want? No, really?"
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