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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Do Your Part to Halt GW. Stop Breathing

It has occurred to me that a major source of evil, planet-warming (EPW) CO2 is human exhalation.

So, if we can cut down on the volume of CO2 exhaled by humans, the source over which we have most control, we can have a substantial cumulative effect on the emanation of EPW CO2 into the atmosphere.

Lest you thing I am some nut suggesting you should die in order to save the planet, save your brain cells. I am not. At the rate its going, if EPW CO2 doesn't get you first, the stress and hardship of an economy screeching to a halt will do the job.

Anyway, my suggestion is much less extreme and, while it represents little increments, the accumulation of individual efforts may have profoundly positive effects,

I have run a rough timing on my own pulmonary activity and have determined that I exhale approximately once every 10 seconds. That is six spurts of CO2 every minute. 360 spurts every hour.

I've also determined that I can very easily hold my breath for a minute.

If, every hour, you and I and everyone else in the world holds their breaths for one out of every five minutes, the amount of CO2 that being expelled into the atmosphere per hour will be reduced by 20%.

It's such a small sacrifice by each of us for such an important planetary goal.

What else can you do that will have such a profound effect in our efforts to save the planet? Short of dying, of course?

PS: Once this "save your breath" campaign starts we will have to have to police arrest people who disproportionately generate CO2, such as runners and others who work out. It will be the only fair thing to do.


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