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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Money-grubbing Yahoo angers clients

I received a notice from Yahoo Search Marketing the other day indicating that my bids were now below the (new) minimums set by Yahoo for search terms.

So, I checked where I stood with those bids they want to raise.

Many of them were receiving 3% to 6% click through rates, which is not shabby. More significantly, many of them were showing up in the SERP at positions between 1 and 3.

Can someone tell me why I would benefit from higher bids when I am doing so well with the current bids?

I doubt it.

The only rational I can see for Yahoo to raise their minimums is the desire to generate more revenue. For them. Not me.

I am as fervent an advocate of free enterprise as anyone. I recognize their right to raise their prices. I also recognize that the free enterprise equation means I can choose not to go along with their price increases.

I will not.

As an aside, I notice that the yahoos at Yahoo are now willing to accept the buy-out offer from Microsoft, at a price that was "too low" just a few weeks ago.

Could there be a relationship?

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Blogger diTesco said...

First. Thanks for visiting my blog. Left you a response there.

As far as any relationship between Yahoo raising their prices and the possibility of MS making a comeback on it's initial intention of acquiring Yahoo, my guess is maybe there is. MS, would like the idea to buy Yahoo for a much lower price and Yahoo has to increase it's value in order to make thei shareholders happy:) Thing is, it is bad business practice for Yahoo, pissing off their clients.

March 14, 2009 at 1:19 PM  

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